About Us

Hunter Nott – Terriers in rural Madison, Indiana is on a small farm. Our terriers are around other animals, not just other dogs. They are around Cats, Sheep, Chickens & Horses. Miniature Schnauzers are awesome dogs. If it happens that you are looking for a dog that doesn’t shed and maybe even for a kid. You will learn that a miniature schnauzer is a perfect fit. They are very alert and will let you know if a stranger arrives. You may recognize the bull terrier from Budweiser commercials of the past. Spud Mckenzie was a bull terrier. You might also recognize a bull terrier from the store “Target”. You might ask yourself how I ended up with Miniature Schnauzers and Bull Terriers? You will have to ask my daughters!

Below you will find our AKC pedigrees.