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Customer provides photos of their Schnauzers 1st birthday!

We always are thrilled and love receiving photos from our customers when their beloved schnauzer puppy we provided is all grown up. I wanted to share photos sent to us from a customer of their Mini Schnauzer they named Chacho. It is his 1st birthday party! Chacho was from a COCO litter. Thanks, fo... Read More

Frisbee is much loved

Trixie litter. Frisbee's first haircut.  Before and After.  He's such a joy for our family.... Read More

Miniature Schnauzer photos growing up 4/2022

We love to stay in touch with families after one acquires one of our puppies. Here are several photos of Coco's puppies growing up submitted by different families. Send us your photos of your puppy you got from us growing up! Read More

Welcome To Nott’s Mini Schnauzer’s Website

Welcome to the Website of Nott's Miniature Schnauzers. The goal of this site is from the start to allow you to reserve your Mini Schnauzer or purchase one that is available. It will also allow you to see past puppies from litters. You can also have picture updated weekly directly to you. I hope th... Read More